For this collaborative design project, I worked on a team with industrial and graphic designers to provide design solutions for the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio. Site visits, interviews, and other research methods helped us gather information, which we then used to inform our design decisions. My responsibilities on the team specifically focused on the architecture and interior spaces where customers and staff interact. Design goals included providing a more functional and welcoming lobby area to address the main pain points found in our research. 
Through this design, we were able to simplify graphics and way-finding, create a more cohesive and spacious lobby area, and improve on efficiency, comfort, and overall adoption experience for both the visitors and associates. 
Existing Conditions

Design Inspiration Board

Floor Plan (Not to Scale)

Preliminary Perspective Sketches
Exterior View
Entrance View


Front Desk
Featured Dogs

Waiting Area

3D Model : Revit
Renderings : Revit, Photoshop
Graphics : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Partners : Miranda Wagner, Jordan Casper, Jean Paul Pompeo
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