IIDA Student Design Charette
Neocon 2016
In this competition, we were challenged to redesign the existing workspace at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago into an office of tourism for the city. In our design, we were inspired by the views out the space's large windows, which overlook the organic split of the river and the industrial grid of the city. We used these contrasting urban and natural layers to inspire our floor plan, which features a path of travel identical to the shape of the river. This shape also segments our plan into the three programatic elements of the space: event, office, and retail. The path symbolically connects back to the tourism of the city through storytelling; featuring the people, places, and products of Chicago. 
Our team took second place: 
Sydnie Bingabino, Gabrielle Booth, Samantha Bourgeois, Madeline Cipro, Alison Schantz
View from window & Project Inspiration
Process Photo of Presentation Board
Floor Plan in Progress
Floor Plan in Progress
During the competition, we worked in teams of five students, had 6 hours to charette and present, and had some supplies available to us but were also encouraged to collect literature and samples from the Neocon showrooms around the building.
Presentation Board
Our team took Second Place
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