For this project, I redesigned the 7th floor of Rhodes Hall on the Ohio State University’s Medical Campus. This outdated floor is designated to maternity care and birthing units. The proposed design is practical, considerate, creative and innovative. Research on evidence based design, environmental design theories, life safety analysis, case studies, and modern design and technology for healthcare spaces helped drive and inspire the design.
The lobby area is first seen when walking out of the main elevators. This space includes a contemporary front desk, comfortable furniture and waiting areas, semi-transparent gradient walls, and an interactive green wall. This feature wall not only provides sensory natural elements to evoke feelings of serenity and relaxation, but is also symbolic of growth within a family- as each patient is encouraged to add a flower to the wall to represent new life.
Furniture and material selections for the Lobby area include simple, natural and sustainable materials and finishes
The surrounding corridor includes an undulating wall to the patient rooms. This design provides more privacy for each room, and the custom nature graphics by Henry Domke give each room individuality in wayfinding. 
A standard patient birthing room includes a comfortable waiting area, ample storage for patient items and medical equipment, soft and adjustable lighting, and a continuation of the wall graphic into the room, as a calming image for the mother to enjoy.
The patient birthing room also includes neutral colors and materials, individual bathroom, and nurse station.
Furniture and material selections for patient rooms and family lounges include simple, natural and sustainable materials and finishes
Two family lounges provide privacy for mothers during their stay by giving extra space for visitors to utilize. The area is equipped with an office area, comfortable seating area with television, and a full kitchen for families who want to make a home-cooked meal to celebrate and enjoy with their new family. 
The multipurpose room emphasizes the birthing center's involvement throughout the pre-, present-, and post-maternal experience. Example of room layouts and events include informational sessions, family tours and meetings, fitness classes, sibling day-care, and staff trainings.
3D Model : Revit
Renderings : Revit, Photoshop
Graphics : Photoshop
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