For this multidisciplinary design project, I worked in a partnership with a visual communication designer to explore retail design trends for upcoming generations. We were prompted to create a brick and mortar retail experience for an online-only "generous brand" - a company that goes beyond simply giving but takes action for social and environmental change. 
When researching generous brands, their customer and company values, and sustainable business practices, we decided that our forward-thinking retail experience could include not just one, but two online brands sharing a physical space. We chose two very different brands: Wewood and Boxed water. These brands have very different products and stories, however they do share social and environmental goals and have identical generosity missions, and we believe could grow from one another in a shared space. 
Throughout the course of the assignment, we conducted much research on these two brands, their marketing strategies, their customers, and their generosities to develop a combined brand soul and retail design goals. We took our design direction to then develop two types of shared retail experiences; one temporary and one more permanent. These  environments redefine retail through expanding on brand services to enhance product longevity, creating a place for meaningful connections, and promoting brand generosity and social and environmental sustainability. 

This project was sponsored by VMSD magazine and formally presented to jurors from WD Partners, Chute Gerdeman, Fitch Design, and FRCH Design Worldwide. Our team was awarded "First Place" for "Redefining the Retail Experience: Designing for Generosity to Create an Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Retail Future",  and was presented at IRDC in New Orleans in September 2017. 

This Pop-Up shop, built on-site with product packaging and materials, provides options for a variety of unique forms and scales to fit any venue. Elements such as a photo booth and custom etching station draw people to the site and help emphasize the combined brand soul. 

This treehouse-inspired shop serves as a recycling and repurposing center, product repair studio, freshly infused water cafe, and meeting area for customers, craftsmen, environmentalists, and like-minded individuals. 

This bookend of the store is inspired by the manmade and the transformative. Lining the feature wall are wooden keepsakes, waiting to have a new life as Wewood watches or eyewear. Facing the back of the store, customers can see the local recycling center and learn about the impact of these actions. 

The other bookend of the store is inspired by organic and natural elements. A vertical garden produces local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs which can be infused into a custom box of water to enjoy at the cafe. Towards the center of the building are products on display for purchase, a small craftsman studio for customization and repairs to enhance longevity, and a public meeting area. This meeting area is for  craftsmen and clients, for groups to plan tree-planting excursions, and for DIY up-cycling and crafting sessions. 

3D Models : Sketchup
Renderings : Photoshop
Graphics : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, sketching
Partner : Rachel Herman (Credit - Research, Graphics, and Video)
Sponsorship : VMSD Magazine
Awards :  "First Place" in "Redefining the Retail Experience: Designing for Generosity to Create an Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Retail Future" and will be presented at IRDC in New Orleans in September 2017. 
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