The ROTH is a collection of micro-apartments occupying the Greater Christ Temple Apostolic Church in Franklinton, Ohio as adaptive reuse development. The space creates a framework to inspire more forward-thinking and influential mixed-use buildings and promote integrated communities. With community-building at its core, this concept is meant to serve locals in need. 
When looking more closely at the people of this area, one group in particular could benefit most from equity-based community development. This group is the Columbus homeless, many of whom come back to Franklinton as their social refuge. The homeless crisis caused by increasing housing costs, restrictions and overcrowding from shelters, crime, drugs, mental disorders, and human trafficking is seen all around Columbus. While there is an infrastructure within Franklinton addressing homeless needs, such as occasional free meals and laundry services, this population needs more reliable support to promote growth and independence. 
A mixed-use residential building with a wholistic approach to addressing  the needs of local homeless individuals and families will provide a second chance to this community within Franklinton. This program includes work opportunities, independent and group gathering spaces, counselling services, career support, and educational classes to help build a strong and self-sufficient community of members in Franklinton who need this empowerment.

This project was awarded "Best In Show" for Interior Design at the 2017 Ohio State University Design Exhibition. 
About Franklinton:
The Site:
Program Development:
Sketches and Ideation:
Floor Plans:

Lower Level

Main Floor

Upper Level

3D Model : Revit & Sketchup
Renderings : Photoshop
Graphics : Indesign, Photoshop, and sketching
Video : PremierePro
Awards : "Best In Show", Interior Design, 2017 Ohio State University Design Exhibition
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