This project was influenced by the design and construction of a table to be functional and personal. This table, made entirely of wood, is personal to me because it acts as an everyday tool to meet my needs as a busy student. Its multipurpose design features elements of a desk, nightstand, and a organizational area within my small room. The slanted top acts as a catch-all for keys and mail when running home between classes and work. The slant can also display books or screens at a comfortable angle when lying in bed. The removable surface can be used as a mobile platform around the room. The continuous, geometric angles and finishes are inspired by paper origami, the discipline of the art, and its poetic and precise qualities- all of which are emblematic of my life and work ethic.  
Origami-Inspired Geometries
Full-Scale Cardboard Model and Construction Progress
3D Model : Sketchup
Materials : Wood, Acrylic paint
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